What is the process of making handmade terracotta floor tiles?

Terracotta has been used since ancient times, particularly in arts, sculptures and architecture. Made from clay and baked in wood-fired kilns, handmade terracotta tiles retain a distinctive, natural uniqueness of vibrant hues, providing an earthy vibe to any space.

The process of making them is done in several stages.

Extracting the clay

Various types of top-quality clay are extracted from mines, identified as being rich in the most refined clay. Any remaining impurities are then removed to produce the finest material.

Preparation of the paste

The clay in then turned into a thick paste through compressing and compacting, resulting in a plasticine type texture. After a period of time left standing, it is then ready for molding.

Molding the terracotta

All of our tiles are molded individually by hand, making each one distinctive.

No dyes are added, the different colours of tiles are simply molded from the natural variety of different coloured clays that are extracted from the earth.


The tiles are then set to rest and thoroughly dry out before they are ready for baking. They must be dried at room temperature to avoid damage as the clay naturally shrinks as it dries. Even in the warmest weather, this process can take a full week. During the winter months, the waiting time can extend to a month or more.


Once the tiles are completely dry, they are transferred to a large brick-kiln, powered by avocado wood and olive pomace, where they are baked slowly for several days. The fire burns at over 1000° but varies slightly in different sections of the kiln, which is how the tiles acquire their beautiful array of classic, earthy tones synonymous with natural terracotta.

Removing from the kiln

Once baked, the tiles are left in the kiln for several more days to allow everything to cool down. They are then manually removed piece by piece, carefully packed into boxes, wrapped onto pallets and shipped directly to our storage facility here in the UK.

These stunning terracotta tiles with their diverse hues and made entirely by hand from only the purist of natural materials, are a perfect way to create an earthy, homely setting in any room of your home.

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