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We will use buyers’ addresses and contact details solely to manage orders and will pass them on to our suppliers and couriers only for this specific purpose.

  • We exclude liability for any inaccuracy or error from third-party information, given that they do not provide us with any guarantee in terms of delivery period, product features, etc. Likewise, the samples we provide to the buyer are only a guide to the general character of the goods (e.g., colour, material, or finish,) and do not constitute an obligation for us to match them exactly to the goods delivered, given the natural origin of the product.
  • The reproduction of the contents of this website, which is licensed to or owned by us, is prohibited. These contents include but are not limited to, logo, design and graphics. Unauthorised use of this website may be deemed a criminal offence. Any dispute arising out of such use of this website is subject to the laws of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • We have no responsibility for the content included in the links to third-party websites. We only include these links to provide you with more relevant information.
  • The buyer is responsible for ordering the appropriate and right amount of material to cover his/her needs and must be aware that this is subject to some manufacturers’ tolerances. It is recommended you order 5% more than the calculated dimensions of an area or 10% more for small areas.
  • Cancellations are not normally permitted. However, if the customer buys in error, he/she should contact us as soon immediately and we will confirm in writing if it is possible to make an exception for the cancellation
  • The delivery of the product will be made by a third party. Any delay may be due to an “act of God” affecting the carrier, freight or port authorities. The delivery time/date may be amended by us at any time due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • The buyer is responsible for providing us with the exact address for delivery. (In the case of shipments from the mainland to island communities, the permission of the relevant port authorities must be obtained as soon as possible in order not to delay the shipment.) If delivery is refused or impossible to deliver in the area specified by the buyer, the buyer may be subject to additional costs.
  • The buyer shall check the goods before using them and notify us in writing of any damage or shortfall before using them within 72 hours after delivery. We will replace damaged items or make good any shortfall free of charge.
  • Deliveries are provided by a third party, so any damage caused by a vehicle on the buyer’s property must be reported both to the haulage company and to us, supplying the driver’s signature.