Our delivery service takes 2-3 working days to most UK postcodes.

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Most suppliers deliver their tiles stacked on their edges on pallets, as this is the cheapest method of both importing and delivering them.

However, we love and respect this beautiful artisanal made product so much that we go the extra mile to protect them from any breakages during transit. We have all of our tiles packaged in cardboard boxes, placed on pallets and then stretch wrapped to provide maximum protection.

Our tiles are all individually handmade and baked for several days in wood-fired kilns. The fire burns at over 1000° but varies slightly in different sections of the kiln, which gives the tiles an array of classic, earthy tones synonymous with natural terracotta. Therefore, each tile is unique, varying slightly in shade.

It is these subtleties in shade that set handmade terracotta tiles apart from large scale, industrially manufactured tiles. When laid together, the individuality of each tile gives an overall blended effect that is natural and rustic, creating an authentic homely feel.

The pictures are as close to the actual product as digital photography and each individual monitor will allow. If you are in any doubt, please request a sample/s.

Handmade terracotta tiles are mostly suited to indoor use in colder climates like ours. However, if properly treated and sealed, they can be laid outside and will be perfectly fine, even in the coldest of winters. Using the correct sealant will ensure your tiles do not absorb any water which could freeze and crack the tiles.

When installed correctly on a strong base, you can safely drive over the tiles in an average sized car. We would suggest installing the tiles using a cement glue on a screed base to ensure it is perfectly flat and level. The entire base must be totally dry before you begin laying the tiles.

Whilst it is important to use suitable cleaning products, it is the quality of the clay used to make them, and the many hours that they are baked in the kiln that will make the tiles last for generations. Always use a pH neutral cleanser rather than anything acid-based or abrasive.

This depends on where the tiles are being laid. The main reason you would treat the tiles is to protect them from stains. So, in rooms where they are vulnerable to spills and splashes such as bathrooms and kitchens, it is definitely recommended.

Always ensure the tiles are totally dry before treating as trapped moisture can cause damage.

You can use any of our tiles both indoors and outdoors, it is only the treatment that differs. Ensure you use a treatment specifically designed for the location of your tiles.

Absolutely! Terracotta is a great natural heat conductor, making our handmade tiles an ideal choice for underfloor heating in either wet or dry systems. They retain the heat and release it slowly for maximum efficiency of underfloor heating and reduced energy consumption.


YES. Shop Terracotta Tiles deliver directly to any location throughout the UK.

Deliveries are generally made between 9 am and 6 pm in most cases but may, as an exception, be made outside of these hours.

Delivery will be made on a large 18-tonne vehicle (approximate dimensions – 10m long, 2.8m wide and 4m high). Please check you have enough access to suit this size of vehicle at your delivery point and ensure the road approaching your property is suitable for an 18-tonne pallet truck vehicle and has no weight restrictions, there are no low hanging branches, trees or obstacles (including parked cars), which may cause damage to, or obstruct delivery vehicles. Please advise us of any constraints which may restrict access to your delivery address. All our deliveries are made by third party hauliers on a pallet truck using a tailgate and pump-lift assist and are always kerbside drops. They will not be on a Hiab vehicle, so cannot be craned off. The driver will unload using a tail-lift offload and will push/pull the goods into position with a manual pump truck. This operation can only be done on a solid, flat, level surface with no grass, sand or gravel, i.e. tarmac, block paving or concrete. Ensure the delivery area is solid enough to take the weight of a pallet truck carrying up to one tonne crates. The driver will try to place the pallet as near to your property as possible, but it is at their discretion, taking into consideration health and safety regulations, whether it is left kerbside, on your property or at the nearest suitable point. Please note that redelivery charges will be applied if your access is not suitable, according to these instructions. Ready for your delivery?

YES. Our standard delivery-included service takes 2-3 working days. However, should you wish to have an urgent express delivery, our checkout process will allow you to select that option with an additional charge.

YES. Special delivery on Saturday can be arranged. Should you require a Saturday delivery, please contact us. This service involves an extra fee.

YES. If you require one, please contact us before placing your order. An extra fee will apply.

YES. Should you require a delivery later than our 2-3 working days standard delivery, please request one in the delivery instructions field when placing the order or get in touch with us so we can arrange a suitable date for your delivery.

We strongly advise that someone is at home to ensure the driver places your goods in the correct location at your property. However, if nobody is home on arrival and you haven’t provided us with any specific instructions, the driver will place your goods in what they deem to be the most suitable location.

If they determine that this cannot be done safely, they will return the goods to the depot and redelivery charges will apply.


YES.  If you are not happy with the product for any reason, you can return it.

You have 14 working days after delivery to inform us that you would like to return the goods. This must be done in writing to hello@shopterracottatiles.co.uk

YES. Your item must be unused, in the same condition that you received it and in the original packaging.

YES. We use a third party for deliveries so we cannot refund the cost of delivery to your property, neither the cost of returning the product to our warehouse. We will issue a full refund for the product part of your order. 

You will receive your refund within 5 working days after we have received and checked the product.


Our online shop allows you to calculate the quantity of cartons you should order, according to the surface you want to cover and the size selected for that area.

We recommend purchasing 8-10% more than the square meterage measured, this will ensure that you have enough material depending on the joint size used, wastage if cutting is needed and any broken pieces.

If you require any assistance to calculate the quantity you should order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is ultimately down to personal choice but the most popular size for indoor use is 30x30cm and the bricks for outdoor use.

In any of the available shapes, our red terracotta tiles are always the ones which offer a lower cost per square metre for your project.


Our expertise and specialization on a short and selected product range of terracotta tiles allows us to offer the most affordable prices in the market of the UK.

By importing directly from selected Spanish supliers and continuously keeping an optimized stock level to meet UK market needs, we reduce unnecessary storage costs thus offering you the best terracotta tiles at the most competitive prices that you can find in the UK.

Big commercial structures and inefficient stock levels explain why you would be paying much more for exactly the same top quality terracotta tiles that we deliver direct to your property.

Our team is made up of experienced people who have worked in sales, imports and logistics for more than 20 years. Therefore, we have the knowledge, skills and resources to bring our terracotta tiles direct to you with very few overheads and operating costs. We pass these savings onto our customers.

Delivery is included for orders over £300. For more information, please read the delivery incl over £300 section. Delivery charges for orders under £300 will be added at checkout.


YES. Please go to our samples section.

YES. However, if your sample is purely to help you decide which colour you prefer, you might want to order a smaller 10x10cm tile which will save you money on both the sample and postage.


Our high degree of specialisation in the colours and sizes which are most sought-after and highly rated by our customers, allows us to offer the best prices for terracotta tiles that you can find in the UK.

Only by dealing in terracotta tiles which reach the highest standards of quality, can we offer a guarantee of a 14-day return.

The easiest online shop for buying terracotta tiles in the UK.

A fast and efficient service.

Selected suppliers guaranteeing higher standards of quality.

Optimised stock levels in the UK and Spain which allow us to cover any orders, from a couple of cartons up to whole containers/trucks, even with a very tight deadline.

YES. We are concerned about labour conditions and work regulations in some countries outside of Europe, therefore by having our terracotta tiles produced in Spain, we guarantee that safe working conditions and human rights are respected.

Spanish terracotta tiles are recognised as one of the best in the world, Spain being one of the biggest suppliers in Europe to the Nordic countries as well as Germany and France.

Our delivery times for bespoke projects or bulk quantities are much lower, due to the proximity of the UK to Spain, which allows us to considerably reduce shipping times. In addition, it decreases our carbon footprint.